Disciplinary Environment

The organizational set up of the school helps students maintain discipline through self realization. Discipline is inculcated and not enforced within the school. The violation of discipline and school regulation, which affects adversely on fame and reputation of the institution will be subjected to reformative disciplinary action.

Hostel Regulation

1. Since students are not allowed to keep any amount of pocket money with them in hostel, parents/ guardians are notified not to provide their wards with cash.

2. Students are not permitted to bring any expensive items with them except those enlisted in the prospectus.

3. Parents/guardians must bring their wards in or within the given time. Each time the ward visits home, the guardians are requested to see their identity card carefully.

4. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without written permission as mentioned clearly in identity card.

5. When students come back from home they should enter the school compound before 5 p.m. They are strictly prohibited to enter the school premises at unauthorized time.

6. Students are required to leave and come back to school only in formal school uniform.

7. If any guardian wants to withdraw his/her ward(s) from the next school session, prior information should be registered at the Principal’s Office at least 15 days before the commencement of the said session. Otherwise, school will not entertain on producing transfer and character certificates.

8. Parents/guardians can meet their wards on PTA/PV days only.

9. The school publishes its Academic Calendar every year and distributes in the beginning of each session. Parents/guardians are requested to follow official school calendar until and unless the school gives pre-information about the changes in schedule.

10. Students are liable to pay the cost of school property broken or damaged by them. Disciplinary action will be taken when the breakage of school property is willful and deliberate.

Financial Regulation

1. Tuition, computer, miscellaneous and laboratory (11 & 12) fees will be charged for the entire year. (All 12 months)

2. Food will be charged for 10 months only.

3. Lodging will be charged once at the time of admission.

4. Examination fee will be charged terminally.

5. Special check-ups or medical treatment, stationery and uniform will be charged separately.

6. No fee discounts are made for extended periods of absence.

7. Students who are withdrawn in mid session will be subject to pay whole yearly fee except food charge for remaining months.

8 Fees should be paid on or before the 10 thof every month. Parents/Guardians should pay fees within 35 days after each complete month. A fine of Rs. 500 per month is charged for late payment.

9. At the time of admission, before Dashain, and prior to the summer holidays, parents/guardians are requested to pay the boarding, tuition, computer and miscellaneous fees of two months in advance.

10. Parents/guardians of this school are facilitated to pay fee of their ward(s) through following banks. Please note down the bank and account number.

Alpine Development Bank Ltd.
Account No: 007000002001, Sanga, Kavre

Nepal Bank Limited, Banepa Branch
Account no: 25082

Rastriya Banijya Bank, Dhulikhel, Kavre
Account no: 3969

Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.
Saving Account No: 8036640, Banepa Branch1414

11. The Parents/ guardians are kindly requested to submit a copy of bank voucher to the school immediately after deposition.