Stopping zoloft suddenly may cause serious withdrawal side effects.

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barely three weeks after my admission to a manhattan acute mental healthcare facility following my discharge from the affiliated icu , i received care from a psychiatrist who continued the treatment plan developed and initiated by my recent inpatient psychiatrist gradual discontinuation of an antipsychotic while still taking zoloft after grudgingly returning to that hospital for observation a few weeks later, i was committed by way of a two physicians certificate .

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table 4 most common sexual adverse reactions 2 and twice placebo in men or women from zoloft pooled controlled trials in adults with mdd, ocd, pd, ptsd, sad, and pmdd.

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i have been on zoloft for about 5 yrs.

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in 2006, the patent on zoloft, an antidepressant with almost 3 billion in sales will expire.


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